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  Jerry Tew  Aston Uni, Lister Street
  Detailed Map (PDF)
  Jerry Tew  Dartmouth Middleway
  Photos & The Law (PDF)
  Jay Mason-Burns  Aston University
  The Big City Plan (2014)
  Jay Mason-Burns  Lister Street, Gosta Green
  Digbeth Plans May 2020
  Jay Mason-Burns  Coll. of High Speed Rail
Other Projects... 6G   Jay Mason-Burns  Aston University
 Coventry 2019 6H   Darren Campbell  Aston University
  Tate Liverpool 2019 6J   Jerry Tew  Off Holt Street
  Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2018 7G   Marina Brodie  Fire Station, Corporation St
  In The Footsteps Of Phyllis 2017 7J   Wali Taylor  Woodcock Street
  Liverpool LOOK/17 Festival 7L   Marina Brodie  Off Ashted Circus
  Halifax Grid 2015 9G   Marina Brodie  Aston University
  Northern Quarter Grid 2014 9I   Marina Brodie  Aston Uni, Car Park
  Eastside Grid 2010 10H   John Timmins  Coleshill Street
  Birmingham Grid 2007 10I   John Timmins  Jennens Rd
10M   Mark Jackson  Birmingham City University
11F   Wali Taylor  Courts, Newton Street
11H   Darren Campbell   Wali Taylor  Jennens Rd
11J   Derek Robbins  Millennium Point
13L   Jerry Tew   Teresa Dolan  Railway, Nr DB canal
13P   Simon McCreery  Lawley Middleway
14L   Teresa Dolan  Grand Union Canal
15C   Jackie Hodgson  Union Passage
15I   Simon McCreery  Latif's car park
16B   Brian Burnett  New Street Station
16D   Trevor Beattie  The Rotunda
16F   Paul Bartlett  The Bull Ring
16M   Jackie Hodgson  Fazeley Street
17D   Jackie Hodgson  The Bull Ring
17G   Teresa Dolan   Simon McCreery  Well Ln, car park entrance
17L   Faraz Merchant  Little Ann Street
18D   Brian Burnett  Indoor Market, Edgbaston St
18G   Teresa Dolan  Digbeth
18J   Helen Lewis   Jackie Hodgson  Coventry Street
18N   Jerry Tew  Disused viaduct, off Allcock St
18Q   Jerry Tew  Grand Union Canal
19I   Mark Jackson  Digbeth, nr Rea St
19K   Paul Bartlett  Floodgate Street, River Rea
19N   Jerry Tew  Bromley Street
19O   Teresa Dolan  Liverpool St, Allcock St
19Q   Jon Jones  Glover Street
20O   Teresa Dolan  Aston House, Adderley St
20Q   Jon Jones  New Bond Street
21O   Teresa Dolan  Upper Trinity Street
21P   Mark Jackson  Bowyer Street
22O   Teresa Dolan  High Street Bordesley
22Q   Simon McCreery  Grand Union Canal

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